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Ocean Shores Preschool

In a child's life, play is not a luxury, play is a necessity.

Our Sustainable Education Project

Ocean Shores Preschool began the road to sustainability in 2009, making the decision to implement our Sustainable Education Project which aimed to:

  • Introduce basic environmental and sustainability concepts to 3-5 year olds
  • Reducing energy consumption & carbon footprint
  • Reducing operating costs for a non-profit community preschool
  • Introduce basic environmental and sustainability concepts to 3-5 year olds 
  • Reduce the preschool's energy consumption & carbon footprint 
  • Reduce the preschool's townwater consumption
  • Reduce the preschool's operating costs
  • Create a platform for community education within our local area 

From 2009 to 2010 we had rainwater tanks, water-efficient taps and toilets, whirlybirds, insulation and a solar hot water system installed, thanks to funding from the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW).

In late 2010 a 1.5Kw solar system was also installed, which in addition to a new 4 star refrigerator and window tinting (also funded by DECCW), has reduced the centre's energy consumption by 50% and the energy costs by nearly 70%.

The North East Waste Forum came and visited the preschool to talk to the children about recycling and donated a worm farm, while funds from Byron Shire Council enabled the purchase of two child height veggie gardens where the children grow herbs and veggies, then pick to make into yummy lunches. 

In 2011 Ocean Shores Preschool became a Rous Water 5 Star Water Aware Centre. Rous Water organised the plumbing of our toilets to a large rainwater tank behind the building while a smaller one out front supplies water for children's waterplay. Town water consumption has been halved and our children learn to use their eyes and ears to look and listen for water wasting.

Ocean Shores Preschool would like to thank all involved in our Sustainable Education Project, which enables our children to become young guardians of our natural environment.

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